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Permanent Pleasure (LP) - Black Variant

Permanent Pleasure (LP) - Black Variant

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3D pop-out gatefold edition

*does NOT include cat figurine, see ‘luxurious red carpet variant’ or ‘double beam variant’

artist: Joywave
album: Permanent Pleasure
release: May 17, 2024
label: Hollywood Records


  1. Graffiti Planet
  2. Scared
  3. Brain Damage
  4. He's Back!
  5. Sleepytime Fantasy
  6. Swimming In The Glow
  7. Hate To Be A Bother
  8. 787 Dreamliner
  9. Splendor
  10. Here To Perform The Final Song From Their Album 'Permanent Pleasure,' Please Welcome...Joywave

Written by Daniel Armbruster, Joseph Morinelli, Paul Brenner
Produced/Engineered by Daniel Armbruster
Mixed by Mike Crossey
Mastered by Joe Laporta
Artwork by Reuben Dangoor

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